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We do all kinds of identification on colored stones and diamonds. We always perform necessary tests to give a proper conclusion. Our main product, the Gem Brief, is colour coded to instantly, at a glance, tell what type of gem you have before you. This ingenious way was first presented by the Bangkok gem laboratory Lotus Gemology and we found it so ingenious that we incorporated it into our own line, with the blessing of Richard W Hughes founder of Lotus Gemology.

Opinion and Brief Rates

Opinions are just written on a A4 letter with no authenticity code. Just signature of gemmologist and contact information.

Opinions and Briefs Per Object

Mineral, Opinion - €40

Gem, Opinion - €50

Diamond, Opinion - €50

Mineral Brief- €80

Gem Brief - €95

Diamond Brief - €95

Full Report Rates

The full report comes with an attached gem brief. They have same report number and can always be verifed for authenticity online.

Full Reports per object

Mineral Report - €120

Gem Report - €160

Diamond report - €180

Additional objects same type of  ID report at same time

–  20 % discount.


The most rudimentary of our reports. A simple written opinion regarding ID.


Our Gem Briefs are reports in the size of a credit card containing identification data and the conclusion. Authenticity can be verified via a QR-code.

See example here


The full reports have additional information compared to the Gem Brief. For instance images of the object, analysis results and spectrum images from FTIR, Raman and Photoluminescence tests. A Gem brief is part of the full report.

Swedish Gem Lab

A modern and well equipped gemmological laboratory. State of the art tools from MAGI makes us well prepared for the difficult tasks of identifying gemstones and their treatments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Swedish Gem Lab wholeheartedly recommends the tools from MAGI


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