A different Kinda Gem Lab!

At Swedish Gem Lab we are proud of our dedication to identify and classify the gems used in the Swedish and International gem and jewellery industry. In today's world we have a lot of challenges to overcome in regard to gemstones and pearls. First on the agenda today is to make sure your products are properly identified to rule out the possibility of selling (or buying) goods that is improperly disclosed in respect of synthetics vs natural and of course treated vs untreated. It is all about earning trust and keeping your reputation intact. Secondly we have the issue of ethically and environmentally sound products which we try to make sure by putting strict demands on our suppliers. Swedish Gem Lab is following all the CIBJO recommendations regarding ethics, nomenclature as well as all other "blue books".

A High Level of Ethics

Swedish Gem Lab is always sticking to the toughest of ethical standards in the business. We have a high level of integrity to protect and care for our customers. No information regarding customers or their products are available to third parties. We are also proud of our in-house gem production which is done with rough sampled from our worldwide suppliers following our demands for ethically and environmentally sound handling on all levels. We do NOT issue reports for our own gems but they come with a Gem Declaration which we fully stand behind.


Our gem reports come in two forms. Briefs and full reports. The briefs are printed on plastic credit card sized cards and are colour coded to give a fast and reliable hint regarding if the gem is natural and or treated.

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We guarantee proper identification of your cut and rough gemstones. Identifications can be done with written opinion or combined with a brief as well as a full report.

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The level of gem treatments has grown a lot the last decades. Today many types of gemstones not earlier commonly treated can be found to be oiled/epoxy treated or even coated.

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...Moreover, I have in my library certain books by authors now living, whom I would under no circumstances name… containing, for example, information on how to make a sardonychus (sardonyx) from a sarda (carnelian, in part sard): in other words, how to transform one stone into another. To tell the truth, there is no fraud or deceit in the world that yields greater gain and profit than that of counterfeiting gems.

- PLINY 23–79 AD, History of the World, via Richard W Hughes of Lotus Gemology -