Gem identification


Gem Identification

We perform identification work on all types of gemstones and minerals. Cut stones as well as rough specimens. The lab is equipped with instruments for fast and reliable identification and classification of diamond types. A necessity today to be able to spot and do the necessary steps to identify the synthetic diamonds flooding the market of today. We also detect and classifies treatments in Corundum (Ruby & Sapphire), Jade, Coral and other stones. Not only synthetic Diamonds but also synhetic Quartz (Amethyst, Citrine and Ametrine), synthetic and/or heated Spinel, synthetic Alexandrite and synthetic Beryl (Emerald, Aquamarine, Bixbite and Morganite) are distinguished from their natural counterparts. Differentiation of Baltic amber from all its imitations and "cousins" Dominican amber and Copal.


Done with a tool that today is considered mandatory for a professional and modern gem lab. It can be used for classification of diamond types, detect treatments in many gems as well as differentiate between synthetic and natural alexandrite, beryl and quartz. Used in conjunction with ocular examination for judging amount, and type of fillers in emeralds.


Fast and necessary type of testing that has to be done in the modern gem lab. Used for gem ID, detection of certain treatments in pearls, coral and jade. Can also be used to discern synthetic or heated Spinel from its natural unheated state.


Of course the lab is also equipped with all the necessary traditional and standard tools. From refractometers, digital scales, microscopes, dichroscopes, spectroscopes and proportion scope to UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers.