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The Gem Lab

Run by internationally known gemmologist Conny Forsberg (FGA) under the company Swedish Gem AB. The owner has 30+ years experience as gemmologist and gem cutter. Published in several industry publications. For instance, Gemmology Today and the GIA publication Gems & Gemology. Inclusion images by Conny are published in both industry publications and Gemmological litterature.

The laboratory is equipped with state of the art gemmological tools. From standard tools to modern spectrometers and we also have the necessary know-how to make use of them properly. This gives Swedish Gem LAB the edge nationally.

We can help you out with any of your gemmological needs. From gem identifications to advanced analysis of treatments in corundum, emeralds, pearls and jade, to mention a few.

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SGL is a professional and well equipped gem laboratory centrally located in south Sweden


Fellow member of Gem-A (FGA)

Accredited Senior Gemologist (AGA)

Diamond Grader (HRD)

Board member Swedish Gemmological Association

Arranger of Scandinavian Gem Symposium

Precision Gem Cutter


Industry participation since 1987

Raman and PL spectrometer

One of the necessary pieces of equipment in the modern gem lab. Used for gem ID, detection of certain treatments in pearls, coral and jade. Can also be used to discern synthetic or heated Spinel from its natural unheated state.


Today a tool that is considered mandatory for a professional and modern gem lab. It can be used for classification of diamond types, detect treatments in many gems as well as differentiate between synthetic and natural alexandrite, beryl and quartz. Used in conjunction with ocular examination for judging amount of fillers in emeralds and other gemstones.

The Microscope

One of the microscopes in the lab a Wild M3Z. Still the most important instrument in a gemmological laboratory. The lab is also equipped with one Wild M400 for photodocumentation and one Olympus

BH-2 microscope with high magnification.